TSA Transatlantische Stiftung für Afrika gGmbH (TSA) seeks the promotion of Trans Atlantic relations between the U.S., Germany and Africa, promoting international understanding between nations (Völkerverständigung).

As Germany and America are primary actors in providing development cooperation to needy people in Africa, TSA promotes Trans Atlantic coordination and understanding to enhance economic development cooperation, increase the effectiveness of shared resources and mutual policy goals, and to support organizations and institutions in Africa.

In Africa, TSA is particularly focused on the newest country in the world, South Sudan and the neighboring countries–with the aim to establish peace, reduce poverty and to promote human development.

TSA establishes contacts and develops relationships between decision-makers from Europe, especially Germany, the U.S. and Africa to work for peace and more effective humanitarian assistance.

TSA fosters humanitarian aid operations to Africa including assisting to supply medicine, medical workers, food and vital commodities, and educational opportunities.

TSA seeks the support of displaced persons and refugees from South Sudan and in this needy region of Africa.

As part of promoting Trans Atlantic relations, TSA convenes exchanges between Germany and the United States, including collaborative events, and meetings between decision-makers working in politics, the judiciary and the public administration and churches. These events and meetings aim at the understanding, debating and interchanging of political structures of the respective countries.

The TSA Transatlantische Stiftung für Afrika gGmbH is located in Munich and directly pursues charitable purposes as defined by the section „tax privileged purposes“ of the German Fiscal Code (Abgabenordnung, AO).




TSA TransAtlantische Stiftung fur Afrika gGmbH  is the European branch of the Sudan Relief Fund.

Given the longstanding support by the people and institutions in Germany and in Europe for the people and the church in Sudan and South Sudan, TSA was established in 2015 in Germany to better interact, correspond, and coordinate with European donors, officials, and partners and to promote Trans Atlantic relations.

While serving as the European branch of the Sudan Relief Fund, TSA seeks to engage policy makers and donor partners, on both sides of the Atlantic to promote Trans Atlantic relations, to improve coordination of Africa policies and to better coordinate humanitarian assistance and economic cooperation.

The Sudan Relief Fund (SRF) is a United States 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to bringing food, safe drinking water, clothing, shelter, medical attention and hope to the people of South Sudan and the surrounding region. The mission is to provide peace and hope for the future by alleviating immediate humanitarian concerns and aiding in the development of infrastructure necessary for growth and stability in the world’s youngest nation. SRF achieves this by, building schools, hospitals, and training programs to help empower and educate the people of South Sudan. SRF also supports the South Sudanese and regional church in its mission and humanitarian efforts to bring peace, growth, reconciliation, and a brighter future to the people in the region.





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