In the Spring of 2017 David Dettoni with TSA guided two journalists to the South Sudan refugee camps in Northern Uganda and to see for themselves the unfolding humanitarian crises wherebye over one million refugees have arrived in Northern Uganda in the past year. Mr. Dettoni also took the journalists to the Nuba Mountains in Sudan so they could learn of the continued humanitarian crisis that has ensued following over five years of warfare caused by the Government in Khartoum not honoring the Comprehensive Peace Agreement of 2005.

Tagesschau | March 11, 2017


Jedes verdächtige Geräusch – vor allem das eines Flugzeugs – lässt die Bewohner der Dörfer in den sudanesischen Nuba-Bergen zusammenzucken. Der Krieg hat die Menschen traumatisiert. Eine Weltspiegel-Reportage aus einer Region, die von der Welt vergessen zu sein scheint.


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USA TODAY | March 10, 2017

South Sudan melts down as we avert our eyes: Melinda Henneberger The world’s newest nation is on the brink of genocide. Have we learned nothing from Rwanda?


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the kansas city star

Sudan: It`s not too late The Star’s Melinda Henneberger traveled to Sudan, South Sudan and Uganda for this series of reported columns on political persecution, forced starvation


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the kansas city star | March 08, 2017

Melinda Henneberger: These Sudanese love Donald Trump and need him to love them, too


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the kansas city star | March 11, 2017

Melinda Henneberger: In South Sudan, the famine is official but the genocide is not


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the kansas city star | March 14, 2017

Melinda Henneberger: The Ugandans who let 272,000 South Sudanese refugees move in down the road


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